Email lists

These are the email lists used by the philosophy department at York. To send an email to a list, the recipient of your email should be the name of that list followed by "".

To subscribe to an email list, follow these instructions.


List Name Who receives it Who Can Post Purpose Examples
PhilFac Tenure and tenure stream faculty in Arts, and CLAs and contract if FT Any list member Discussion among faculty, postings pertinent to department business Discussing issues of policy; announcements of appointments; sometimes voting on issues
Phil-CD All philosophy teaching faculty, CDs, and CLAs, including faculty on sabbatical and/or leave Chair, UGPD, staff Announcements regarding teaching, or general department business Looming teaching dates, speakers, university wide announcements
Episteme Anyone (in the whole world) who subscribes. NOTE: This is a list of lists. Emails sent to this list will automatically be sent to the following lists: Philfac, Phil-CD, gradphil, grphiann, phil-ann, philstaff, phil-ft, phil-alum, phil-ann. Staff, Chair, UGPD, Graduate Director, and list owners (typically, faculty) As a voluntary list, it is intended for announcements that may be of interest to the general public. Speakers, jobs, philosophical quirks and oddities in the news
Phil-Ann Undergraduate majors and minors UGPD, and staff Announcements regarding teaching, courses, PSA and department activities relevant to undergraduates PSA meetings, drop dates, speakers
Grad-Phil All Graduate faculty All graduate faculty Announcements to graduate faculty Meetings, appointments
Grphiann All graduate students Graduate Director, & staff Announcements to all graduate students Meetings, scholarships, workshops
Phil-Alum All philosophy alumni who have subscribed. Any list member Maintain connections among alumni Meetings. Etc.
Phil-FT Full time philosophy faculty only Any list member Announcements regarding teaching, or general department business
Phil-Staff All Department of Philosophy staff Any list member Private
MODESTALK MODR faculty Any list member Announcements and discussions for MODR faculty

NB: IT Coordinator is a member of every list, but where appropriate is listed as NOMAIL to protect list members privacy.

For questions or inquiries regarding the email lists of the philosophy department at York, contact the IT coordinator in the philosophy department, Alex Manafu.