Western philosophy has traditionally been interested in certain general questions that have been thought about for thousands of years.  Questions like:  What is truth?  What does it mean to do a good act?  Is there something that all good arguments have in common?  What does it mean to be a person?  How is it that people acquire knowledge?  Is having knowledge the same as being wise?  Does God exist?

We also study questions that have arisen more or less recently: Is cloning right or wrong?  When is civil disobedience justified?  Is democracy better than any other systems of government?  Why do we punish criminals by putting them in prison?  Can computers think?  Do animals have rights?  Philosophers study these questions not only for their own sake, but also to sharpen their ability to think clearly, and to understand and interpret other points of view.  So the goal of studying philosophy is to better understand important ideas, and to become a better thinker, debater and writer.

Please note that York University has two philosophy departments which work independently, but try to co-ordinate their efforts.  This Philosophy Department is part of the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies.  The courses listed in this mini-calendar are organized and run by the LA&PS philosophy department and our professors and staff are able to answer questions about them.  They are NOT able to answer questions about the courses offered by Glendon.

Philosophy courses are also offered through the Philosophy Department at Glendon College.  Their offices are located in C221 York Hall and their phone number is 416-487-6733.