Department of Philosophy Welcomes Two New Professors: Julianne Chung and Parisa Moosavi


The Department of Philosophy is delighted to welcome two new professors in Fall 2020:

Julianne Chung (PhD Yale 2015) will join the department as assistant professor, with a specialization in epistemology, philosophy of language, aesthetics, and Asian philosophy. She is interested in skepticism, fictionalism, and metaphor, as well as how cross-cultural philosophy can shed new light on these topics. She is also interested in whether (and how) works of literature can have epistemic content and value. Professor Chung will be coming to York from the University of Louisville in Kentucky and is slated to teach courses on a range of topics reflecting her research interests.

Parisa Moosavi (PhD Toronto 2019) specializes in ethics and philosophy of biology, with particular interests in neo-Aristotelian ethics, natural teleology, and ethics of artificial intelligence. In addition to a doctorate in philosophy, she also holds a master's degree in science and technology studies from Virginia Tech and a master's degree in artificial intelligence from Sharif University of Technology in Iran. Dr. Moosavi currently holds a postdoctoral fellowship in the ethics of artificial intelligence at York and will be teaching courses in theoretical ethics and applied ethics, including the ethics of AI.