Welcome to the Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy offers a wide range of undergraduate courses which examine contemporary problems and issues in applied ethics, social and political philosophy, feminist philosophy, cognitive science, philosophy of mind, and argumentation theory. In addition, courses are offered in the history of philosophy and other traditional areas such as metaphysics and epistemology, logic and the philosophy of language, moral philosophy, and the philosophy of law.  The department also hosts an undergraduate Cognitive Science Program.

The Graduate Program in Philosophy is open to many avenues of thought and to diverse ways of doing philosophy. Efforts are made to blend contemporary and historical perspectives, and our faculty draws its inspiration from widely separated philosophical approaches. In keeping with this, there is a great deal of interdisciplinary work, and philosophy is involved in numerous cross-disciplinary programs.

The 24 full-time faculty members include world-renowned scholars undertaking cutting-edge research, and they are supplemented by visiting and contract faculty who offer further diversity and breadth.